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Data Specialist


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I am a Digital Anthropologist


I am a seasoned data specialist who is focused on what makes us human.


My background in social sciences gives me a deeper understanding of the human condition and guides the narratives I create to form empathetic solutions.

Areas of Interest

Take a look at some of the things that excite me.


As an anthropological linguist, I relish delving into the origins of language and speech patterns, uncovering their profound ties to our fundamental modes of communication.

AI \ Machine Learning

I'm captivated by the boundless potential of AI and machine learning, driven by the thrill of crafting intelligent systems that learn, adapt, and enhance our lives, while the dynamic evolution of this field fuels my passion to innovate and leverage data for a brighter future.

Spatial Analysis

My deep enthusiasm for spatial analysis stems from its ability to unearth valuable insights and patterns within geographic data, fueling my commitment to employing advanced techniques for precise and actionable solutions that empower informed decision-making and problem-solving across diverse fields.

Data Engineering

Data engineering allows me to architect and optimize the data pipelines that drive informed decision-making, transforming raw information into actionable insights, and enabling businesses to thrive in the data-driven era.

Data Design

My affinity for data design lies in crafting elegant and efficient data structures, making complex information accessible and visually compelling, while seamlessly connecting across platforms to facilitate data-driven decision-making and enhance user experiences.

Data Analytics

My passion for data analytics stems from the opportunity it offers to not only unearth valuable insights within data but also to craft compelling data-driven narratives that inform decision-making, adding a storytelling dimension to the world of data.

My Latest Projects

Here is my recent work.

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