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I have 13 years of combined experience in Data Science, Data Engineering, and GIS.

These are some of my most recent projects.

Random Forest Vote Ensemble 

Which groups are vulnerable to food insecurity in America during COVID?

I perform a risk assessment on SNAP user profiles using a 10-year gap analysis process involving GIS tools as well as interpreting a prediction model.


Image Classifier

Who wears masks? Let’s use AI to find out…

I build a neural network image classifier to predict which twitter images, that were scraped using Tweepy, are wearing a mask.  I then map the distribution of images on a GIS map.


NLP Analysis

Where should you go to find a good horror movie?

I scrape two subreddits and use natural language processing to recommend a site for new horror news.


Blog Post

A technical dive into narrowing a large dataset.


Blog Post

The use of anthropological theory in machine learning models.

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