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I have over 15 years of combined experience in Data Science, Data Engineering, and GIS.

These are some of my most recent projects.

Dashboard Gallery

Collection of Dashboards I built and currently update at Xcel Energy.

Three intense, built-from-scratch dashboards illustrate my analysis, data engineering, app engineering, and project management.


OpenAI WebSraper

Harnessing OpenAI and Python to build a better Cookbook through prompt engineering.

A project that involves using Python code and an OpenAI chatbot to scrape recipes from the internet and create a user-friendly platform for finding recipes without ads.


Random Forest Vote Ensemble 

Which groups are vulnerable to food insecurity in America during COVID?

I perform a risk assessment on SNAP user profiles using a 10-year gap analysis process involving GIS tools as well as interpreting a prediction model.


Image Classifier

Who wears masks? Let’s use AI to find out…

I build a neural network image classifier to predict which twitter images, that were scraped using Tweepy, are wearing a mask.  I then map the distribution of images on a GIS map.


NLP Analysis

Where should you go to find a good horror movie?

I scrape two subreddits and use natural language processing to recommend a site for new horror news.


Blog Post

A technical dive into narrowing a large dataset.


Blog Post

The use of anthropological theory in machine learning models.

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